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Ethiopia Coffee Nano Challa

Designer: Cairo Coffee Collective

LE 300.00

Whole Coffee Beans 

Found in Western Ethiopia, the Jimma Zone had become known for its low quality natural commercial variety; 'Jimma 5'. Believing their coffee had more than meets the eye, 25 farmers formed the Nano Challa Cooperative, meaning "the area above" in Oromifa- reference to the high altitudes where their coffee was grown, and also foreshadowing the lofty flavor notes their coffees had in store. One of the secrets of Nano Challa is their drying technique، which takes many days more than the standard process of drying a washed coffee- which leads to unmatched cup quality. Rated at 87, We chose this coffee for the parallels we feel with our story in Cairo- but also for the amazing notes it had in store for us. Look for fragrant Indian Jasmine and ripe apricots in your cup, with hints of sweet black tea!

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