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Pretty Shabbiness



Made from a lighter cotton fabric this design line will make any bed look just fabulous!

Color Palette

Merengue White

Midnight Blue


Glacier Grey


Design Details

  • Duvet Covers with Hidden Zippers

    We saw how inefficient and poor looking Duvet covers with buttons or velcro tapes are, so we thought of hidden zippers! For quicker and easier way to change the duvet cover and at the same time avoiding the shabby look of the inside of the duvet sticking out from in between buttons of the cover. Our Hidden zipper just tucks everything in because practicality and aesthetics matter!

  • Fitted sheets with a top skirt

    Why haven’t anyone thought of this before?! A 2 in 1 fitted bed sheet with an attached bed skirt on top for that fabulous vintage look without all the unpracticality of having 2 bedding pieces!

  • Pillow Cases

    Our pillow cases come with e three quarters flange rather than a side opening to keep the fabric equally stretched on both sides of the pillow.

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