Percale or Sateen?

The weave of a fabric ultimately affects how it looks and feels.
Both our weaves are 100% Pure Long Staple Egyptian Cotton Single-Ply however, they are distinctively
different in texture.

Cotton Percale

Traditional 1 thread over 1 thread weave with a matt finish.

Recommended if you're after classic, breathable, crisp, "hotel like" bed sheets. 

Here at Nina Found Home, our Mediterranean Collection is made with the Percale weave.

Starting From 999 LE


Cotton Sateen

1 Thread over 3 or 4 threads. 

More parts of the threads are exposed to the surface resulting in a sumptuous silky soft feel with a subtle lustre.

Recommended if you're after a the ultra smooth feel of silk but in a 100% pure cotton sheet. 

Our Neutrals,  Vintage, and White Collections are all made of the Sateen weave.

Starting From 1,700 LE