Maison Pyramides Private Event


This is Nesrine Abotaira, Founder of Nina Found Home.

You are receiving this invite because you’ve been selected to be on our guest list for some very special and exclusive reception and dining events at Maison Pyramides Terrace.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: we had to cancel the event on this Saturday 19th of February due to the expected rainy weather. NEW DATE will be communicated.


This is a private event. It’s not open for public and it’s by invitation only. If you wish to remain on our guest list and keep receiving invitations for our upcoming reception and dining events, we will be announcing them by WhatsApp and email only. So. It’s the only way to keep yourself posted.

If you wish to be removed from our guest list please reply to the message you've received by email or whatsApp just by writing “Opt Out”.



What is Maison Pyramides?


Maison Pyramides is a Private Guest House with a spectacular view of the Great Pyramides of Giza. The proximity of the location to the Pyramides is rather rare and it unveils a breathtaking scene that lights up every one’s sense of amazement and wonder.


When is the event?


Saturday February 26th, 2022 from 12 noon - till Sunset. 


What is happening there?


Socialising, shopping, food and drinks. We’ve set up the place to accommodate some of our very special friends and customers. You will view our pop up indoor display , shop our latest collections of bedsheets, tableware, furniture, lighting, etc. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Great Pyramides at the terrace outside and soak up all the warm winter sun!

Free soft drinks and snacks will be served.


How can you attend?


If you wish to attend, send a message on this WhatsApp number 01000706300 or by email to to get the GPS Location. We will leave your name at the entrance.


Entrance will be admitted only to those people whose names are on the guest list. Entrance is free of charge to those people whose names are on the guest list. You can invite your friends, just send us their names on WhatsApp 01000 706 300 to add them on the guest list.



Additionally, and if you want, you can book yourself a spot for lunch! We have very few spots available! 


The Link For Booking:


The Lunch :


We’re cooking some simple Mediterranean dishes cooked from the heart. Just the type of food and vibe you’d get in a little trattoria at the beach or at a friend’s house.


We will be serving lunch for a small number of people. We will all be sharing a big table and the food will be served in big sharing platters where everybody can help themselves.


The Food: Set Menu of big sharing platters. Mediterranean cooking including many seafood dishes.


The Link For Booking:





We look forward to welcoming you at Maison Pyramides!

See you there!


Kind regards,

Nesrine Abotaira