About us


Nina Found Home started in Bali in 2017.

 Inspired by the island’s sensational coastal villas, serene vibes, and laid back lifestyle, the vision of a brand that could disseminate certain aesthetics and way of life was born.

 The brand took its first steps with the launch of a bed linens collection made from pure and premium cotton in sateen weave. Nina Found Home online store was launched in 2017 and a showroom was created in Nina’s own residence in Bali. 

 After a successful start, the path of growth led to Egypt, the land of quality cotton and the founder’s home country. The brand was re-born in Egypt in 2018 with a vision of celebrating quality Egyptian Cotton and Egyptian craftsmanship.

In Egypt, the brand introduced other homeware categories such as tableware, baskets, cushions, chandeliers,  light furniture and other accessories  all made in Egypt by Egyptian artisans.

Quality . Design . Craftsmanship



As humans, we spend a third of our lives in bed. So we understand how important it is to sleep in good quality cotton. We use only the highest quality Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. With its strong and long yarns, it is capable of producing threads that are strong and long enough for making Single-Ply fabric. To know more about the anatomy of our sheets and understanding Thread Count click here.


Our design approach and color palettes are, essentially, minimalistic. We live in a noisy world and we believe that the home needs to be the place to quiet our minds. Our designs are inspired by travels through time and space, seeking inspirations from art, culture, nature, places, or epochs.

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Innovation, design details and special sewing techniques are what make our creations unique. Unlike most bed linens manufacturers, we’ve chosen to partner with fashion manufacturers to produce our bed linens. Our approach balances practicality of use with beautiful details. All our products in Egypt are handcrafted with the most skilled artisans in fashion and sewing.