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Size: Medium 230gr

Scent: Fresh Linen

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 Pia Selected Candles.

Available in 9 beautifully crafted scents ranging from warm/ oriental notes to refreshing fragrances and relaxing aromas.    

Fresh Linen - Aquatic Scent

This aquatic fragrance combines herby, citrus and oceanic scents resulting in this incredible clean bright smell, that will surely bring a smile to your face.

Tokyo Bloom - White Jasmine

A mesmerising, rich smell accompanied by a sweet floral top note that will take you to the beautiful Japanese cherry blossom.


Soothe Me - Lemongrass

Clean, Fresh & exotic you'll swear you were lounging at a luxurious Thai resort with your toes in the sand.


Arabesque - oud

Elegant, woody & warm, with sweet & mysterious Notes. An all time Arabian classic.  


Rustic Wood - Sandalwood

Sun drenched wood, resinous amber and earthy moss, will take you straight to an enchanted forest that will inspire your imagination.


Jolly Holly  - Cinnamon Spices

Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove will give you a warm & cozy feeling with a classic holiday feel to it, leaving you hypnotised.


Warm Notes - Sweet Vanilla

With its delightful vanilla smell and a hint of spice and brown sugar. This candle will cater to your sweet side!